How to Play?

The Goal of the Game

The aim is to eliminate the wooden blocks (Kubbs) on the opposing side and then the King in the centre.

If the King is struck by a throw before defeating the opposing player's Kubbs, the thrower loses!

Setting Up

To begin, you will ideally need:

King x 1
Kubb x 10
Throwing Sticks x 6
Corner Markers x 4

Begin by placing the corner markers, preferably around 8m x 5m. However, a 6m x 4m if size or difficulty is an issue. Ground type does not matter though it is best played on a flat surface. To begin, 2 players must throw towards the King, and whomever lands nearest without touching goes first.

How Many People Can Play?

Two teams consisting of 1-6 players can participate. The teams do not have to be even.


The goal is to knock over as many Kubbs as possible. The Kubbs in the starting position are Base Kubbs. Throwing Sticks are held at the end (not in the middle) and must be thrown underarm and end over end, with no sideways rotation. Once Team A has thrown everything, Team B takes its turn. At the base line, Team B throws any knocked down Kubbs into Team A’s half of the pitch. If a Kubb lands outside more than once Team A may place the Kubb(s) anywhere on their own side, but more than the length of a Throwing Stick from the King or Corner Marker

When done, Team A rights them wherever they landed. These are now Field Kubbs. Now Team B has their turn to throw. They must now knock over any Field Kubbs on Team A’s side of the pitch before attacking anything else. If any Base Kubbs are hit before the Field Kubbs are all toppled, they are righted without penalty.

If Team B fail to topple all of the Field Kubbs on Team A’s side, Team A can line up with the Field Kubb closest to the King when throwing Sticks. The game goes on like this until all Kubbs are cleared on one side, at which point the King may be attacked.